R A N D A L L - C O L A L I L L O

Artist Bio

Ash Randall-colalillo is a queer emerging interdisciplinary artist based in Tkaronto/Toronto, Ontario currently studying at OCAD University. Ash also is a member of Mudcat Collective, an artist collective established in 2020 with OCADU alumni. The mediums used within her art practice is: performance, sculpture/installation, video and drawing/painting. Ash's work acts as a window to invite viewers to look out into a new perspective of space that exists around us as well as within us. It represents a study of the self that reflects a transitional relationship of universal experience. 

Notable works include:"FLESH FUNCTIONS" from 2018, an experimental video installation exploring thingly qualities of objects and their relationships to human bodies as well as "W A I T Y O U R T U R N" from 2019  that reflects upon childhood memory, space and how shapes the past and present self, the self that is still devoted to potato chips.


Last Updated: May 2021

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