R A N D A L L - C O L A L I L L O


Experimental video Installation


Continuing my interest with bodies and performance, I use the physical body in this experimental video work to explore vessel-like objects. Through deconstructing these items and their functions within an abstract lens, I challenge the idea of the ‘thingly’ qualities within these objects and their relationships to the body, mentally and physically. It begs the question of when do ‘ordinary’ objects gain these qualities to become or identify as things? How do they work differently? How can i construct a different phenomenon of these objects and exchanges by using my physical form to "embody" the object? Through exploration of the theory The Thing by Martin Heidegger, and creation of extremely altered appearances/representations of objects, I aim to impact the viewers understanding and viewpoint of how phenomena of things manifest through experiences and qualities of objects in different relationships to themselves. 

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