R A N D A L L - C O L A L I L L O

We All Have That Fear

Performance with sculpture


A performance of myself dressed in black and dark blue clothing, on the ground, blowing into a clear plastic tube attached to a rotting tomato that is receiving my air. 

As the body and performance is reoccurring in my practice as an artist, I have created and performed with this sculpture in exploring the process of aging, and the prolonging of it. Through engaging in a resuscitation of a “dying” fruit, allowing it to perform as a ‘body’ and myself as the object to prolong its life expectancy, I am able creating a dialogue of life and death’s inevitable cycle, and questioning the aging process, and what impact does it have on oneself. I am to challenge the body and its capabilities to give back life, and reflecting on the normalized method of slowing our own aging ‘bodies’, and even others. However, it makes me also question - to what ends will we actually go to prolong the existence of bodies and things?

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